When Women Gather To Pray and Heal . . . .
Something Powerful Happens
Within Them . . .
For Them . . .
and in The World!

Since 1994, women have come together for the Wonder Woman Weekend.  Some come because they are experiencing mental or emotional pain.  Others come because their lives are not progressing.  Some women don’t know why they come until they get in the room and experience the loving, powerful energy of the space.  The truth is, every woman who has ever attended the WWW has done so because she is willing and ready to heal some part of her mind, her heart or her soul.  Women come from across the globe and around the country because they are in search of their truth, power, authentic self-expression; their voice, their gift or a deeper meaning for their lives.  The women who attend the Wonder Woman Weekend are women on the verge of a breakdown and a breakthrough.  And, they are ready to boldly step into it.

There is no way to convince a woman that she is ready for the experience of WWW.  Those who know, come.  Those who hear the call or, feel the pull, do whatever is required to get into the room.  One woman saved for 2 years.  She has now attended three times.  Another woman sold her arts and crafts.  She raised the money in 3 weeks.  Another woman, depressed after the suicide of her husband, came because a friend brought her.  She is now a graduate of the Inner Visions Ministerial program and volunteers at the weekend classes.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of the circumstances of your life today, if you are reading this and you hear the call or feel the pull, make a commitment to get into the room. Then, watch how the universe aligns itself to make your commitment a reality.

If you are a woman who is ready to heal – – – if you are willing to do what is required to grow – – – if you know there is more for you to be, do and have in your life – – – start packing! Download your application today and put your prayers to work.  The “wonder” of who you are as a woman is powerful!  Trust it and let it work for you.  I look forward to seeing you in the room.

Financial Commitment

The financial commitment for the Wonder Woman Weekend is:
$1950.00 for a single
$1800.00 for a double (roommates assigned)

Workshop Facilitated By Iyanla Vanzant & IVISD Faculty

For More information visit: innervisionsww.com
Email: workshop@innervisionsww.com or Call: 240.401.7764