If You Stand Tall . . .

it is because you stand on the backs of those who came before you!

Since 1996, Inner Visions has been providing a safe place for women to come together, learn together, grow and heal together. We call that place the Wonder Woman Weekend. It is a soft place to fall. It is a safe place to heal. It is an empowering opportunity for women who are ready to feel better and live better as they heal what is required to step fully into their greatness. But . . . don’t believe us, just read.

I attended WWW in 2015 and received healing, deliverance, freedom and truth. I was stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, which I broke by the end of the weekend. I learned how to stop telling “my story”, forgive myself and live in truth. Now, I am more in tune with my feelings an I have definitely raised my level of consciousness.

Edie – Fall 2015 Wonder Woman Graduate

Wonder Woman Weekend for me epitomizes sanctuary; a sacred space encompassed by pure love, light, peace and understanding.   My Soul was ignited by this experience and my inner glow that surfaced is still glowing. I am on an amazing journey of self discovery, healing and self love. Thank you Iyanla, the God Squad and the other incredibly brave women who shared this experience with me.

Caroline – 2015

I believe that each of us has locked inside self secrets. For me, the Wonder Woman Weekend guided me safely to a place within that I had ignored because of fear, shame, and lack of self-love. Unlike any other personal growth or soul-searching experience, WWW is raw and real and because it is, I have blossomed within.  Can’t wait for my return.

Susan – 2013 Wonder Woman Graduate

I attended Wonder Woman Weekend at a time in my life where I knew I needed to take a bigger step into my healing.  I invited my Mom to attend the workshop with me, and this choice brought us closer together than ever before.  I grew even more in my relationship with myself that weekend.  If you’re ready to take a leap of faith, and put yourself first, then Wonder Woman Weekend is for you!

Rev. Dr. Aminah Christine Pereira – Fall 2010

I can best describe WWW as pledging and being initiated into a sorority. The work/exercises at times will push you to your limits. You will question why you attended in the first place. If you trust the process, you will be welcomed into a Holy Sisterhood for a lifetime where your heart and soul are changed forever. The expression and experience of love will be endless.


Deb – 2014 Wonder Woman Graduate

It’s difficult to put into words how much my life has been changed by the WWW, but I know it was the single best investment I ever made in myself. My world has not looked the same since in fact the weekend was so good, I’ve gone twice. It is a time filled with love, healing and joy. Special bonds were formed with attendees from all over the country, as well as Inner Visions staff, all of whom I discovered are “just like me.” Their loving support and acceptance keeps me focused. Please give yourself the gift of a Wonder Woman Weekend experience and unlock the door to inner peace and abundance.


Snippet from my journal dated April 26, 2015 – “This weekend was amazing!” It was such a wonderful gift to myself to do this. Great choice! The weekend was a life changing event; causing me to dig deep, lift my veil and stand authentically in truth. I learned how to raise the voice I often kept silent and explore many of the issues which were creating barriers in my life.  I would recommend WWW to anyone yearning for greater clarity, direction and truth. It was the beginning of a different way of being for me.

Kaysha – Spring 2015 Wonder Woman Graduate

The Wonder Woman weekend provided extreme clarity for me by shaking loose some long held beliefs about why I am where I am and then provided me with a super compass and a heart full of passion and commitment that just keeps growing and opening doors for me. To say nothing of the AMAZING women who participated in the seminar and have chosen to stay connected and grow and support each other and the AMAZING women who ran the seminar. Beautiful, invaluable, inspirational.

Mimi Apelqvist

The Wonder Woman Weekend is a life changing experience with one of the greatest Spiritual Teachers/Healers of all times. Soul surgery at its best, reaching the deepest corners of one’s being. For me, an indescribable healing, a deepen sense of personal growth and a profound reconnect with my mind, body and spirit. A sacred space where each and every soul is recognized and honored with love, light, truth, guidance and wisdom.

Sandra Lonardo

In the wake of a divorce and a death, I dragged myself to MD to find some strength, peace, and new life skills.  From this sisterhood of wonder women, I was given inspiration, love, understanding, and a closer connection with my God.  I was also given a few spiritual kicks in the caboose which set my new life creation in motion.  Thank you, Mama Iyanla and The God Squad, for guiding me to light.❤️

– Elle DuPree

Wonder Woman Weekend literally transformed me into the realization of the Wonder Woman that lay dormant within me for 50 years. It was WWW that awakened me to a deeper connection with my God, my Self and Others. I was lost, it was there I was found. I was blind and because of you Mama Iyanla Vanzant & the God Squad…now I see??

– Kim Koslow

Kim Koslow - Elle DuPree, WWW 2010

Wonder Women Weekend changed my reality! I was stripped down to my core and   rebuilt in love and light. I was given helpful tools and a deeper knowledge of myself that I have been able to integrate into my daily life. As a result, my entire life has improved tremendously. I wish every woman could experience the gift of Wonder Woman Weekend.”

Rachel – 2015 Wonder Woman Graduate

Self Improvement is an on-gong process, however, my WWW experience has provided me with insights beyond measure. The expansion of the depth of my self- awareness is only one part.  The connections I made and have with women from all over the world is been priceless.  Thank you Inner Visions God Squad!

Sierra Leone

The Wonder Woman Weekend was the Best thing that ever happened in my life. I was able to get in touch with my Inner Self. All of this was done with a Loving and Supportive Staff. Thanks Innervisions! Peace and Blessings.


Narice West

Workshop Facilitated By Iyanla Vanzant & IVISD Faculty

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